BUFFALO MILD The mildest version of our Buffalo Sauce- but be warned - it isn't TOO mild, it's still Buffalo Sauce! HOT Our Famous Buffalo Sauce and our most popular flavor. EXTRA HOT BWF Famous Hot kicked up with extra cayenne pepper! 911 If you like really spicy food, this sauce is for you. It will make you sweat but still tastes delicious. TORRID ZONE The spiciest Buffalo Sauce besides The Flatliner! Order with caution!
SPECIALTY Honey BBQ Mild, sweet and savory! Great for kids or those who can't take the heat. Sweet 'n Smoky BBQ Sweetened with honey and smoky from chipotle peppers. Spicy Honey BBQ Our classic Honey BBQ with just enough of our Hot sauce added. Teriyaki One of our most popular sauces, it is mild and sweet! Topped with sesame seeds. Spicy Garlic Butter Buttery sauce mixed with just enough BWF Hot sauce and fresh garlic. Sweet Flamin' Jerk Calling all heat-seekers! This sauce is HOT but so delicious with a touch of honey and dry jerk seasoning. Honey Mustard Super sweet and delicious we recommend this sauce as a dip for our Famous Chicken Fingers. Spicy Honey Mustard Spicy, creamy and sweet... what more can you ask for? Spicy Ranch Great for dipping, on wings, whatever! Homemade ranch and our Famous BWF Hot Sauce mixed! Suicide Ranch Don't let the Ranch fool you. This sauce is HOT... don't say we didn't warn you! Sweet Firecracker Slightly creamy, sweet Thai chili sauce pairs perfectly with crispy wings. Spicy Lemon Pepper This old favorite makes a come back with it's intense citrus and spicy flavors! Bulgogi Inspired by Korean BBQ - sticky, spicy and sweet. Fiery Garlic Parmesan One of our most popular Flavors of the Month finds a permanent home on the menu. Intensely garlicky, spicy and creamy delicious! Peruvian Verde Inspired by our favorite rotisserie chicken joints - made with loads of cilantro and fresh jalapenos. Peppery Parmesan Creamy, peppery, cheesy. Spicy Crab Eastern shore with a little spiciness! New Orleans Cajun seasonings mixed with our spicy garlic butter. Caribbean Spicy garlic butter and jerk spices.
WINGS 10 wings tossed in your favorite sauce. Served with celery sticks and blue cheese or ranch dressing by request. Extra celery, blue cheese or ranch, 69¢ each. One flavor only.
MAKE IT A NEST! Have your wings or bites served on top of crispy french fries.
Per 10 pieces.
BITES 10 hand breaded boneless bites tossed in your favorite BWF sauce.
One flavor only.
FINGERS Huge boneless chicken tenders hand battered and served with your dippin' choice from our sauce menu. For a healthy option, ask your server for Grilled Chicken Fingers!
3 or 5 piece options.
One flavor only.